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Foreign and Domestic Investors Confirm the Value of U.S. Properties

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Welcome to this issue of PM Update, your source for insights in the current housing market and alternative strategies to generate income for your business. As you consider these new business-growing concepts, please share your thoughts and feedback with us.

Expert CornerForeign and Domestic Investors Confirm the Value of U.S. Properties

As U.S. and foreign investors scramble to buy up single-family homes, the big question arises: How will they manage all their rental properties?


Systems That Solve ItManagement One: The Property Management Arm of Your Real Estate Business

By partnering with a property management company, you can reduce vacancies for your property investors, set appropriate rental rates and relieve maintenance stress — encouraging your clients to buy more properties from you.


Franchise FocusTiming Is Everything

With bargain property prices and higher rental rates, the rental property investment business is hot. Use this opportunity to start your Management One franchise, so you can help owners manage their property investments.


That's a Great QuestionShould Investors Flip That Property … or Rent It?

Traditionally, real estate investors fell into two categories: "flip" or "hold." Today, they can do both — with the right guidance.


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